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Learn more about religion and spirituality. Knowledge is the key to progress.
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Worship creates a space for us to experience the tangible presence of our good Father. We believe it’s what we’re all created for.
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Why we believe

To believe in a higher power is great gift and a great privilege, no matter which God you believe in. You can be a muslim, a christian or put your faith in the more esoteric and mystic branches of spiritualism. It’s doesn’t really matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in something. Here at Mary Immaculate Newton we celebrate all faiths – our goal is to give you valid information on as many belief systems as possible so you can make an informed choice and select the  religion or the belief system that suits you best.

Join us in our quest to promote happines, non-violence and togetherness. Be kind to everyone you meet, help whenever you can. Offer those you meet in your everyday life a kind word or a helping hand. Try to understand those who’s opinions differ from yours. We also firmly believe that in order to love those aorund you, you must first love yourself and learn to forgive your own mistakes.

We believe that the exploration of all faiths is the best way to understand yourself and those around you. Read our articles and recommended links and learn more. We believe that knowledge is the key to all progress.

Our freinds

We are not the only ones dedicated to the honourable quest of promoting, happiness, self improvement and spirituality. We have several international partners who share our beliefs, who teach other about spirituality and the greater power that surrounds us.

Please take time to visit our generous partners and sponsors:

The Finnish phoneline for those who seek spiritual advice is higly recomended. Visit the by clicking the link below:


Likewise, is the Swedish mediums are great resoursce for knowledge and life lesson. Please visit them by clicking the link below.



May your wishes come true!

We work tireslessly to promoto the idea that all people are equal. That all people are on, connected spiritually. Our belief is that compassion, empathy and sympathy towards others is the necessary to acheive anything in the long run. Material gain is impermanent and do not bring happiness.

-Stephen J. Howard

We are a non profit organisation for learning and information. 

Mission Statement

To provide as much information as possible about all branches of faith so that you can make a better and more informed choice as to what belief systems suits you best.

Why the effort?

Real knowledge seems to be at a disandvantage these days when alternative facts, filter bubbles and unadulterated gossip appears to rule the day. Therefore our goal and purpose is to teach and educate people is our goal and purpose.
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Bible Stories for Children

Bible stories are a great way to pass down morals and values to your kids, teaching them to have faith in God in a way they find interesting. Rather than taking a preachy route, you can read them a story from the bible, just like you would any other, and watch them...

Interesting Facts about some Churches

1.  The Catholic Church is entirely responsible for the composition of the Bible, which books are included, as well as the breakup of the chapters and verses. Protestants have removed some books of the Bible because some of the verses were inconsistent with their...

How to be a Good Person?

Being a good person means more than doing something for others. Before you can spread the positive energy in creation, it is important that you first accept yourself and love yourself. There are many ways to be a good or a better version of yours. Let us have a look...

“Christianity” – Is God Accepted?

Let's say you make a picture of yourself. And when you see that the painter has made your picture the same way as you did, you do not blossom. Then you start thinking that after your death, when your children, grandchildren, and grandparents will see your picture then...

What It Means To Be A True Christian

Many people wonder what it means to be a true Christian who are unfamiliar with the faith. The Bible says that there is a lot to being a true Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. Here is some information about what God’s Word has to say about being a true...

All that you have to know about the Gnostic Gospels

When the Bible contradicts itself! Religion is one place where is scope for a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.' No one has really witnessed the origin of any religion. There are no authentic written records that speak about the origin of time and the creation of the world....

What is the Future of the Church and Christianity?

Christianity is the largest religion in the world as of now. From a humble position, it has reached a predominant position. This is evidently seen if you look at the history of how Christianity spread across the globe. The followers of Christ were called Christians...

A Comparative Analysis between Islam and Christianity

Today we live in a world there are a lot of religions and each religion has a countless number of divisions, beliefs, and practices. Though there are a lot of religions, the religions that are popularly recognized across the globe are Christianity, Hinduism, Islam,...

Beliefs of Christianity

Christianity is the religion based on the teachings and beliefs of Jesus, also known as Messiah or Christ. The Religion has its roots in Jerusalem, which is now the modern Israel. Christians believed that Jesus was the chosen God's messenger. Let’s discuss some things...

Important Things That a Christian Should Know

Introduction Christians never want to get into the practice of creating a to-do list that one should follow in order to define oneself as believers. But at the same time, every Christian should do some specific things every day in order to stay in faith on...

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